Hey Lovelies,

Welcome to Sôl Appétit, LLC. My name is Sonjachardé Mixon (a lot of family and close friends call me "Chooch") and I am a lover of love, libations, food, social justice, feminism, chivalry, family, laughter and expression. I can be a tad bit (coughs cough) raw and inappropriate at times. For that, I am completely unapologetic.

Food is my first love. I am the oldest of seven siblings, and for as long as I can remember, I have been in a motherly role—cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids. My best memories are in the kitchen with my Nanas (Grandmas), Mami and Moms (my Step-mother). Cooking has always been a healing process for me. I love through food. When I prepare a meal that pleases a loved one, I feel accomplished, smart, needed and important. Annnnd when they make the delicious yummy sounds while eating something I prepared, it excites me!

To me, nothing defines "love" more than creating comforting food for your family and friends. Now that I have a family of my own—my family consists of my son, Khatim and my special needs uncle,  Sam—it is even more important to prepare loving meals. I really believe the kitchen is a place that can bring happiness, peace, healing, anger, sorrow or sadness. It all depends on what you allow to be created in that space.

Sôl Appétit, LLC was born after years of uncertainty and doubt about taking a chance and letting go of fears. At a time when I have been struggling with so much internally, it seemed the perfect time to get in the kitchen, pair foods that don't go together or aren't expected, love on others through food and be an example of what can happen when everything isn’t perfect but you push through the pain. As a product of a Puerto-Rican mother and Black father/step-father in Chicago, I grew up eating all kinds of food. Sôl Appétit, LLC pairs foods and flavors together that aren't always traditional. I make all my meals with the hopes that they will be delicious and make someone’s soul happy. With that being said, feel free to let me know how I can make your dream a reality. The sample menu is just that, sample. By no means is it all-encompassing or limiting. Let me know your vision and I will do what I can to accommodate it and make your soul (and taste buds) sing.  

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of my vision. I appreciate you.



Sonjachardé Mixon
Sôl Appétit, LLC
Hint of love. Pinch of Sôl.