"SÔL APPÉTIT CATERED THE ANNUAL MEETING for our organization's board meeting. We wanted to do something special to honor the work of our dedicated volunteer board, and Sôl Appétit was exactly the special touch we needed. The presentation was smart, the food was delicious, and the sweet tea got everyone feeling good and ready to work. We are so grateful for this truly unique and exceptional company!"



"I HAD THE PLEASURE OF PARTICIPATING in a feast meant for royalty. The meal was a combination of down home cooking dashed with Puerto Rican spice and topped with a true gourmet finesse. I guarantee anyone who chooses to have an event hosted by this young lady will be the toast of the party. Typically people rate using a 5 star system, with 5 being the best. I would rate the menu at 100 stars if I could. Best meal ever! Definitely will be using this service again."



I HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE OF WRAPPING MY TASTEBUDS around the deliciousness of Sonja's very heartfelt cookings. She adds just the right amount of Puerto Rican/Soul to every meal, leaving your mouth watering for more (from a whole other state might I add). You will never be disappointed and guaranteed to fall in love with every bite. Two thumbs up (only because I haven't more thumbs).



FIRST OF ALL, THIS FOOD. Let's discuss the fact that you cannot even sort through all of the flavor. The sweet, the tart, the spicy, the quality of ingredients. It all blends together so you just know this food was made with love, joy and some boriqua music playing in the background. I have had pasteles that tasted like they were made on the island. And a carrot cake from scratch that tasted like a 100 year old recipe. Eat. The. Food. All of it, it feeds your body and soul. 



SONJA HAS TRUE PASSION AND ENERGY for infusing soul and love into her food. She is most happy when people are enjoying her creations. The food is the kind that you will be telling your friends about and dreaming of some nights. So memorable, fresh and creative. She was born to make magic in the kitchen. Everything was perfect. From the homemade drinks, the entrees and the desserts. You feel cared for through this food. Her loving personality makes it a joy to collaborate with her on your dream event. Let her curate a fabulous meal for you. You will be hooked.



SONJA'S PROFESSIONALISM IS TOP NOTCH. She uses organic foods, grass fed meats, and locally owned products when they are available. She is also uncompromising on the quality of her product. I overheard her telling a preparer that she wouldn't use some cheaper brand because of their lack of ethics. I appreciate that in a business. The food of course is amazing, just look at the pictures, I want to lick the screen! 



I DON'T LIKE FLAN. I JUST DON'T. THEN I HAD FLAN FROM SÔL APPÉTIT and was like, what is this, as I inhaled the last piece. FLAN! GTHOH! It was actual Flan and it was delicious! Sonja is a real person and honest with you. She gave me compliments, when I'm trying to compliment her! I was just someone eating there, but I was sad this place wasn't a restaurant. I hope everyone uses her (so I can eat her food more) or she's going to have to cater my Friday night dinner for one :). 



YO, FOOD IS BOMB AF. I don't know what she puts in that potato salad, but it was bomb. I couldn't stop eating it. And the chicken was juicy and marinated forever, it had to be! Get you some of this food.